Our Education Vision

The superintendents of K-12 Education in South Carolina, seek collaboration and unity of  voice in providing a new vision for our public education system. The documents they provide on this website are meant to inspire conversations that will help guide decision making and changes in our state’s education.

Their ideas reflect an educational plan in which they hope to impact thousands of children who live in South Carolina. Our Education Vision’s hope is that more educators will be involved in building this itinerary for a new direction of public education.

Purpose: “In a spirit of deep responsibility to the children of South Carolina and a desire to contribute to our state’s well being and the health of American democracy, we, a group of South Carolina superintendents, gathered in in the fall and winter of 2010-2011 to have dialogue about the future of public education in our state.” The documents provided on this site, represent what these educational leaders stand for and the direction in which they hope education will work toward.

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